Admission requirements are unique for each of hg6686足球安卓版下载’s hg6686足球安卓版下载 programs. In addition to submitting the official application for college admission, you must also complete ALL admission requirements for your intended program of study and complete the online hg6686足球安卓版下载 Application if you intend to apply for one of the programs below:



 申请这里的实用护理 安排一次tea考试

Selective 招生 Procedures for hg6686足球安卓版下载 项目

(口腔卫生, 医学化验技术, 护理(RN), Nursing Advanced Placement (LPN_RN Bridge), 或物理治疗助理员)

Any application questions for hg6686足球安卓版下载 programs should be directed to: 

亨特·杰克逊,电话:(276)223-4741或 hjackson@wcc.个电流.edu.

Complete hg6686足球安卓版下载 application 

Applicants from other VCCS colleges must also apply to WCC (using your existing VCCS Student ID)

Request official transcripts from high school, 格, and ALL colleges previously attended and have them sent directly to the following address: 





Official (sealed) transcripts can be either mailed to WCC from the originating institution or accepted from the student, provided that the transcript is official and the original envelope seal remains intact. Transcripts may also be 电子邮件ed by the institution to admissions@wcc.个电流.edu. Transcripts 电子邮件ed from the student will not 被接受 with the exception of 首页 School Transcripts. Note: Transcripts from other Virginia Community Colleges are not required.

Complete all prerequisites and developmental courses as well as shadowing hours by the deadline.

The hg6686足球安卓版下载 Requirement Grid summarizes the requirements for admission to each Health Profession Program.

Take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) appropriate for your program.

考试成绩有效期为3年. Applicants are limited to three testing attempts at WCC each academic year, test dates are typically scheduled between October and May.


Students must request an application link once they have completed steps one through three (listed above).

Please see the request for the application.

Request for 2024 hg6686足球安卓版下载 Application.

所有项目的截止日期是 3月15日. All application requirements must be completed by this deadline and all hg6686足球安卓版下载 Applications must be submitted to WCC 招生及记录 Office by the deadline to be considered. 它是。 学生的责任 to make sure all materials have been received and the hg6686足球安卓版下载 Applications submitted by the deadline.

Any materials postmarked or received via mail, 电子邮件, 传真, or other delivery methods after the deadline will 被接受. There are no exceptions to this deadline.

Complete all prerequisites and developmental courses as well as shadowing hours by the deadline.

The hg6686足球安卓版下载 Requirement Grid summarizes the requirements for admission to each Health Profession Program.

Click on the programs below to see the requirements specific to each program:








  • Background checks for criminal history and sex offender crimes against minors are required by most programs for entrance into some clinical agencies. Students with convictions may be prohibited from clinical practice, may be ineligible to sit for required licensure examinations, 可能无法完成课程. Clinical agencies may require drug testing before placement of students for clinical rotations. Students with positive drug test results may be prohibited from clinical practice 可能无法完成课程. The cost for criminal background checks and drug testing will be the responsibility of the student. 
  • Criminal background check and drug screening information will be sent to admitted candidates after final admission decisions have been made. 


  • The 招生及记录 Office will review files and determine which candidates meet the minimum requirements and are eligible to apply for program admission. The health program department heads will review these completed applications along with all TEAS scores and transcripts for offers of admission. Candidates are scored based on discipline-specific criteria for admissions. 
  • For programs requiring a pre-admission interview, the 招生及记录 Office will send a letter to candidates with information regarding the interview time and date. Failure to show at the interview will remove you from the selective process. 
  • Students will be notified by letter of admission status as follows: SELECTED for admission, 候补录取, 或未被录取. Decisions will not be made until all completed candidate files have been reviewed; letters will be sent in early April. Students not selected for admission or who decline a slot may choose to reapply for the following year by completing the hg6686足球安卓版下载 Application for that year.